Learn Why Mobile Optimized Sites Are Important

Mobile optimized sites are incredibly important if you want to grow or stay successful online. Learn the X reasons why your sites need to be updated for mobile electronics.

Mobile Lead Flow Bonus

1) PC sales are slowing. While there are some years where traditional desktop computers rebound a little in sales, more and more people are accessing the Internet through smartphones and tablets, which are smaller, cheaper and more mobile. Focusing on desktop users alone is a fading business model, and your sales would sink with it.

2) More people are spending time online on mobile devices. Given that smartphones can access the Internet practically anywhere, and that tablets allow Internet surfing from any comfortable seating place, even desktop owners are spending more of their online hours on smaller screens. Don’t miss out on them!

3) Many people have no desktop at all. In addition to not missing out on the smaller-screen times of desktop owners, a growing portion of online traffic is from users with no desktop at all. If you don’t have mobile optimized sites, then you’ll never capture their attention or money at all. You can read more mobile marketing tips here: http://www.theguardian.com/media-network/2015/sep/25/mobile-marketing-tips-experts

The Internet is being viewed and used on a growing number of different devices and various sized screens. It is important that you optimize your sites for mobile devices in order to be open for business to all.


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